Hospitality and Retail POS

Custom POS systems: The way you do business

Get an affordable, easy-to-use Point of Sale hardware and software that will help you become more efficient and profitable. We have assisted food purveyors in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond by configuring their systems strategically to increase their control, profits, efficiency and exploit new markets.

Our Point of Sale solutions are designed for the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industry. Furthermore, we take it one step further and tailor it to your business needs and budget.

We attempt to provide you a hardware and software solution that is of high quality and readily adaptable, giving you the flexibility to grow your system as your business grows.

            • PC Workstation Solution
            • All-in-One hardened POS systems
            • iOS Tablets * Total POS Management Software Solution
            • Menu Programming & Modification
            • Credit Card Processing
            • Online Ordering Integration
            • Gift Card program
            • Web Development Access
            • Free Remote Access
custom pos systems solution

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